factory customized lipo 4 battery 48v 100a 150a 200ah 10kwh powerwall for home solar system

Item No.: SRM024
Amazing Long Service Life
Premium Quality LiFePO4 cells
Light & good looking
Description Specification

Lithium Battery Powerwall

Amazing Long Service Life

Proven Safety

Premium Quality LiFePO4 cells

Easy Installation

Light & good looking

General Data B-LEP48-100P B-LEP48-150P B-LEP48-234P
Battery Technology Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)
Dimension L630 * W160 * H780mm
Weight APPROX 56kg APPROX 76kg APPROX 96kg
Protection degree IP21 (IP65 Optional)
Installation Type Indoor/Out door
Operation Temperature Range -20~60
Storage Temperature 0~45
Interfaces RS485/CAN
Certificates and compliance with standards UN 38.3/CE/UL/IEC62133
Electrical Parameters B-LEP48-100P B-LEP48-150P B-LEP48-234P
Nominal Voltage 48V/51.2V
Voltage Range 42~54V / 45~57.6V
Capacity 100Ah 150Ah 234Ah
Energy 5KWH 7KWH 12KWH
Life Cycles(@ 80% DOD,25 ℃ ) > 4000 cycles
Max Charging &Discharging Current 100A
Maximum number of parallel Support 4 pieces in paralell